Evidence is overwhelming and Cryo Recovery is excited to be the first to bring this technology that has been proven and studied by Harvard, Mass General, Boston U, SUNY and more….

Research Summary

Our intent- Cryo Recovery believes in a non-invasive drug free approach to healing and repairing the body at an affordable price.  Often times modern medicine treats toxicity and injury, with toxicity and injury.  

What is Photobiomodulation (PBM)? - also known as low level laser therapy (LLLT), it is an emerging medical industry in which exposure to low-level laser light or light emitting diodes stimulate cellular function leading to beneficial clinical effects.

What are the benefits? 

Benefits are many but mainly reduces oxidative stress studies here. 


  • improve athletic recovery

  • heal wounds

  • reduce pain

  • improve skintone

  • work with a variety of health concerns

Feel Better 

100's of studies spanning two decades suggest that LED Light Therapy or PhotoBioModulation presents a long list of positive health benefits with minimal if any side effects. 

Perform Better

Researchers studying athletic performance have shown the LED Light Therapy or PBM can (1) increase single rep max (2) increase total reps before failure and (3) increase total reps within a set time frame. In addition, it has been shown to speed recovery and enhance speed.

Look Better

Dozens of studies for over 20 years have shown that LED Light Therapy can benefit the skin by increasing cellular energy and reducing toxicity and inflammation. They suggest that increases in collagen and tightening of skin. 

Think Better

Studies from institutions like Harvard, Stanford and Mass General suggest that LED Light Therapy clusters can create positive effects on cognition, improving brain function in people suffering from TBI, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

Research is overwhelming and continues to be is stacking up here.



Videos of Low Level Light and PBM


What is Whole Body PBM?

The ATP Wholebody PBM has been designed to deliver optimal wavelengths, power densities and dosages based on the published clinical research outcomes. Over 100,000 Joules in one session.  

The advantage of the Edge is the ability to change wavelengths and patented pulsation pattern of Infared light that allow the body to absorb better reducing pain, muscular performance, and increased circulation.  

How Often do I need to do PBM treatment?

The treatment is short and easy.  2-3 treatments per week lasting 15 minutes, and your entire body is illuminated with the same red or green & infrared light therapy wavelengths and dosage that researchers have been showing for over 20 years to improve athletic recovery, heal wounds, reduce pain, improve skin tone and work with a variety of health concerns.

How does PBM work with Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy boosts your body’s glucose and oxygen supply while the PBM allows your cells to be more accepting to increase in oxygen and glucose.  Therefore, the body’s cells will be able to produce more ATP giving you increased energy and ATP production.  

When will you see the results?  

PBM is like exercise  – benefits are accrued and realized after the healing stage, but there’s usually a noticeable effect the next day.  You may notice a difference right away, but like most training programs you do not increase muscle size after one training session.

What are the Contraindications?

There are contraindications that may preclude some people from using the system, and you will be required to read, understand and sign a consent form prior to use.  You may be asked to get your doctor’s approval before starting treatment.