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Understanding The 5 Environmental Factors that Contribute to Inflammation

Last month, we began our Inflammation Series on the Cryo Recovery blog, and we discussed the six major categories that contribute to systemic inflammation: environment, diet, relationships, structural problems, stress, and toxins.

In this blog post, we are taking a deeper look at environment, along with the ways under which we are able to alter our environment, in order to reduce the inflammatory impact on our bodies.

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Now Offering Biomarker Testing With Your Membership

Level up your recovery by including a biomarker test to understand how it is working.  Cryo Recovery is the only location that does this where you can track your recovery with the data.  

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Why You Should Measure C-Reactive Protein (CRP)

Blog post discusses why CRP should be tracked and how to track.  Inflammation is the cause of all progressive diseases and tracking consistently gives you the opportunity to make changes before it becomes too late.  Also we discuss how you can measure inflammation at home without spending $100s and hours at doctor visits.  

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