Jennifer's Recovery Results

What problem were you trying to solve by coming into Cryo Recovery?

I starting going to Cryo Recovery to speed up the healing process of a pulled leg muscle.

Have you tried anything else to solve your problem?

Not really, I just laid off leg workouts and restricted my cardio  

What did you find out as a result of your treatment at Cryo Recovery?

I was amazed how much faster my pulled muscle healed.  If I had to guess, it took half the time to heal.

What was the best thing discovered your treatment at Cryo Recovery?

 The best thing I’ve discovered is the extra energy I have from the treatments.  

What would you say to anyone thinking about trying out Cryo Recovery? 

TRY IT!   I think anyone who’s active and likes to stay fit should try it.  Let’s face it, we aren’t getting any younger and it takes longer for us to recover.  I would encourage anyone who’s starting to have signs of arthritis to try it for a month.  You will be amazed how much better you feel.  

Anything else to add?

The staff at Cryo Recovery is top notch!   Every time I walk in the door I’m greeted with a friendly face.  The girls really help the “3 minutes of freeze” go by quickly from chatting with you about your day then letting you know “only 30 seconds left”.   

Connie HolenComment