Lisa's Experience with Cryotherapy

What problem were you trying to solve by coming into Cryo Recovery?

I had problems with bursitis in my right should, allergies.

Have you tried anything else to solve your problem?

I've been to Airosti which helped but it was down to being worked on only when I was in active pain which was always when the office was closed or late at night.

What did you find out as a result of your treatment at Cryo Recovery?

I found that I can manage and get relief from my pain with using Cryo recovery and on days when a cold front and or any weather related issue and or a workout that will make my muscles extremely sore that doing a Cryo session will help with any soreness or stiffness that I have.

What was the best thing discovered your treatment at Cryo Recovery?

I've discovered that it has helped more with flexibility,  my muscles aren't near as tight as they have been, and the overall more relaxed feeling I've felt after a session is wonderful.

What would you say to anyone thinking about trying out Cryo Recovery?

To give Cryo a shot.  The overall well being feeling is amazing.   Yes it's cold but it is refreshing and worth the 3 minutes of extreme cold.   I highly recommend Cryo.

Anything else to add?

Thanks for bringing Cryo recovery to  Vintage Park.   I seriously doubt I would have gone any where else to try this.   It's absolutely amazing.

Connie HolenComment