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are you an Athlete looking to recover faster?

Looking For wellness benefits and pain management?

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We use cryotherapy, NormaTec and Marc Pro to help you recover faster so you can train harder.  Let us help you accelerate your goals. 

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We can help manage your pain by using innovative cryotherapy, electrotherapy and compression recovery to decrease inflammation.

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Using cryotherapy increases collagen production and reduces cellulite, spider & Varicose veins.  It also increases caloric burn and accelerates fat loss. 


Cryo Recovery is the Premier Recovery Spa with Cryotherapy in Houston, TX. Cryo Recovery offers the most innovative recovery treatments on the market, including Cryotherapy, Compression Recovery with NormaTec, Massage Therapy and Cryotherapy.  Our Cryotherapy units use a state-of-the-art design to provide the most comprehensive Cryotherapy treatment.  Whether you’re looking for general wellness , improved athletic performance or spa and beauty benefits, Cryo Recovery is the proven source for overall physical recovery.

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