Many of us invest a copious amount of time and money into our health and fitness regimens. Between hiring personal trainers, paying gym membership fees, attending workout classes, and investing in high end equipment, the sky is the limit when it comes to fitness spending. Despite all of the time and financial resources that we pour into our healthy lifestyles, so many of us struggle to achieve our goals. If this sounds like you, then Metabolic Testing at Cryo Recovery may be your answer. Metabolic analysis provides an excellent tool to determine the right dose of exercise and prescribe accurate diet planning. On top of these listed benefits, another valuable asset to this type of analysis is that it can detect latent metabolic diseases.

What is metabolic ANALYSIS?

Metabolic analysis is the testing and analyzing an individual’s metabolic processes through Resting Metabolic Rate and VO2 Max Testing. These metabolic tests provide a wealth of insight regarding a person’s dietary, fitness, and lifestyle needs. Contrary to what many people believe, these kinds of tests are not just for athletes or people seeking to lose weight. Resting Metabolic Rate and VO2 Max Testing allow you to gain insights into your own unique metabolism, along with knowledge regarding how your body processes macronutrients, how you recover from exercise, and how healthy your cells are. Metabolic Testing at Cryo Recovery can help customers who are seeking to lose weight, increase athletic performance, recover better, or for those who are just looking to live longer, healthier lives.


  • It gives an understanding of each person's unique metabolism

  • It identifies whether or not an individual is overtraining

  • It helps an individual with their own personalized nutrition

  • It can highlight underlying health issues such as pre-diabetes or thyroid issues

HOW long does testing take, and when do i get my results?

Resting Metabolic Rate and VO2 Max Testing each take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. The turnaround time for Metabolic Testing results is 1-2 days, and you will receive a full, detailed report with your recommendations and personalized health data. See example below.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 3.19.46 PM.jpg

VO2 Max Testing at Cryo Recovery

This metabolic test is an excellent indicator of cardiovascular fitness, the number one indicator of health. Individuals with higher VO2 max values can tolerate higher exercise intensity and volume than those whose VO2 max values indicate lower levels of conditioning. Those with higher VO2 can also recover from an aerobic work more efficiently. VO2 Max Testing is great for those whose goals range from longevity and health optimization to athletic performance, as it can give training, recovery, and nutritional recommendations based on your individualized needs.


Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Testing

Resting metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns energy when it is at complete rest. At Cryo Recovery, we use RMR testing in order to see how many calories your body needs to perform basic functions like breathing and other bodily functions. Just like we have our own one-of-a-kind finger print, our metabolism is also unique. Metabolism is the measure of how well your cellular health is. It gives insight into how much fat you burn, if you are metabolically flexible, and the status of your mitochondrial health. RMR Testing allows you key insights into your own metabolism, and can match your individualized metabolism to certain nutritional suggestions.