Annoucning Fall 2018 Student Recovery Packages

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Fall 2018 Specials.  

Ensuring you have adequate recovery will keep students healthy and injury free.  This fall, Cryo Recovery is offering these discount on recovery packages that will optimize your's and your teams season!   

Cryotherapy Daily Memebership(August - September only)

$ 50 off membership price only $179/mo

Includes daily Cryotherapy and Compression therapy

Credit Memberships (August - September only)

15% off all Credit Membership Packages

See Credit Memberships   

Drop In Special For Students (August - September only) 

$25 Single session of whole body cryotherapy or local cryotherapy

$10 NormaTec Compression 

Package of Sessions (August - September only) 

$279  for 10 Cryotherapy and Compression sessions