It does what a hyperbaric chamber would do only it is more powerful, takes less time, cheaper and easier to use than hyperbaric treatments.

Super Charge Brain - Up to 24x the amount of O2 to the brain

Super Charge Brain - Up to 24x the amount of O2 to the brain

Boost Your Immune System -

Boost Your Immune System -

Eliminate Toxins - Flush metobolic waste in 10 min

Eliminate Toxins - Flush metobolic waste in 10 min


What this is..

LiveO2 therapy is a way to get massive amounts of oxygen into the cells.  In a 15 min session the participant will allow their blood cells to detoxify as they are able to receive higher levels of oxygen.  The higher oxygen level in the lungs creates a higher head pressure to push oxygen into the pulmonary capillaries.  The exercise moves the circulation faster, ensuring a greater oxygen carriage throughout the body.  We also use what is called Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) which has been proven by practical experience and numerous scientific trials to be most efficient and practical simulated altitude training method for driving oxygen further into the cells.  The training simulation creates a 10,000 ft environment that creates vasodilation that drives oxygen further into the cells.  

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How it works..

During the session oxygens levels are increase four times as much,  the red blood cells and plasma pick up the extra oxygen, and provide it to our tissues.  At this point the waste gases and toxins are then removed more efficiently and cells begin to function normally.  Anaerobic viruses, bacteria and fungi are unable to live in an oxygen enriched environment.  Oxygen help neutralize the acids in our body, live lactic acid resulting from muscle overload.  Fat is burned more efficiently and ketosis is achieved easier as well as sleep improvement.  You just feel better, think better because of the increases of oxygenation.  



  • Increase stem cell growth

  • Reduces swelling

  • Helps fight infections

  • Improves bone generation

  • Shortens recovery timeframe

  • Increase oxygen plasma perfusion. 4x the normal amount. Higher oxygen saturation than the hyperbaric chamber in 75% less time.

  • Drives oxygen to critical organs.

  • Detoxes the body and builds anti-inflamatory properties.

  • Doubles training efficiency

  • Increases the VO2 Max

  • Many others.....

LiveO2 delivers a lifetime maximum oxygenation for most users within minutes. Most users experience a sense of improved well being, mental calm and alertness.