Neuro Training (NeuFit) 

The NeuFit 

Cryo Recovery uses NeuFit to recover faster, eliminate pain, and perform better.  

Neufit Neuro Therapy is a technological breakthrough that addresses the neurological connection to the muscles and tissues. The device is able to pinpoint exactly where dysfunctional connections within the muscular and neurological systems are occurring, and is then able to reprogram these connections in order for them to perform as designed.  

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Application of NeuFit

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We all have unlimited potential. We hear this statement all of the time, "what the mind thinks it can do, it can".  This is true for all people, and overcoming this belief can have a profound impact on our performance.  Using the NeuFit and eccentric movement patterns, we are able to strengthen joint and supporting patterns that give the brain and muscles the confidence to achieve new explosive patterns that it had previously thought were not possible.  


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We now know that pain is actually created inside of the brain.  For instance, when a person has an amputation, they will still feel the "phantom" pain of the lost limb.  If the brain cannot tell where all parts are in space, it can get lost and therefore cause the pain signal.  This is common with someone who has had MRIs and X-Rays that show no issues, but is still in constant pain.  If you can recouple the brain and tissue component multiple times, you can relieve the pain.  The Neufit has the ability to "turn on" muscles that were otherwise unable to connect with the brain.  


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Because muscles are controlled by the nervous system, an injury can reprogram the brain and muscle connection.  In order to override the new programming, the brain needs to know it is safe to go to the old position.  Using the NeuFit, we are able to find exactly where these dysfunctional neurological patterns exist.  When we locate the dysfunction, we are able to accelerate the body’s natural healing. This healing is normally much faster than traditional therapy.

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Mike Nasche with Impact a Hero talks about how he is able to touch his toes for the first time in over 10 years.

NeuFit in Action

Barclay Stockett - Ninja Warrior gets NeuFit Treatment

NFL Player Eric Weem’s getting NeuFit Treatment.

Mathis “The Kid” of Ninja Warrior season 10 get treatment on his shoulders.