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Athletes, exercise enthusiasts, those recovering from injuries or surgeries, and anyone needing a great night's sleep...

If you have chronic and acute pain, are plagued with athletic and sports injuries or desire improved physical performance,  Cryo Recovery can help you reach your goals.  The following proven methods are available for your treatment. Our helpful staff will listen to your recovery goals and will help you create the right recovery treatment plan.




The positives are huge as you tap into the body’s natural performance and recovery mechanisms to boost energy, muscle recovery, mental alertness and live the life that you want to live.  By starting your cryotherapy treatment you will be eliminating inflammatory drugs that can be hard on your body and organs. Learn more about cryotherapy here.

Whole body cryotherapy in Houston, TX | Cryo Recovery


The Future of Recovery and wellness

Cryo Recovery is pleased to announce Houston's first and only whole body photobiomodulation bed!  Evidence is overwhelming and Cryo Recovery is the first to bring this technology to you that has been proven and studied by Harvard, Mass General, Boston U, SUNY and more….

Our intent- Cryo Recovery believes in a non-invasive drug free approach to healing and repairing the body at an affordable price.  Often times modern medicine treats toxicity and injury, with toxicity and injury. Learn more about photobiomodulation here.

Photobiomodulation at Cryo Recovery in Houston

The Cryo Recovery Facial

Cryo Recovery has the first Penguin machine made by CRYO Science in the US.  The safety standards and operation make this the best local cryotherapy machine on the market today. The safety standards include the implementation of a sensor that automatically measures the skin’s temperature.

The cryo facial closes the pores of the skin and draws new blood to the surface.  This stimulates the production of collagen and provides a radiant glow that last for days.  Consistently keeping the pores closed prevents blackheads spots and blemishes.  The cryo facial is becoming the easiest and economical method for your skin management program.  

Learn More Here


Live O2

The Live O2 is an oxygen delivery system that produces stunning results to cellular health. It does what a hyperbaric chamber would do only it is more powerful, takes less time, cheaper and easier to use than hyperbaric treatments.   Live O2 is healing without drugs or chemicals and without surgery or invasive techniques. Hyper-oxygenation gets oxygen into the body’s cells which have already turned to fermentation for their energy needs. Live Oxygen starts a healing and restorative process where normally there would be none, because there is no cellular energy for it.

Uses for Live O2 include detoxing, training for a altitude events, preparing for competitions, recovering from events, accelerating stem cell treatments, and many more.  Learn More Here


Local Cryo

Much like the cryo facial the local cryotherapy draws blood flow to a target that needs healing. Vasodilatations occurs during session cooling of the skin. The constant succession of vasoconstriction and vasodilatation ensures a sufficient oxygen supply to the cells. Learn more about local cryotherapy

Mark Pro electrotherapy treatments in Houston, TX | Cryo Recovery


Mark Pro Active Recovery

There are four main factors that regulate muscle recovery in adequately hydrated, nourished, and rested individuals: (1) the bringing in of nourishment and other supplies; (2) the removal of waste; (3) the production and release of myokines; and (4) the remodeling of the repaired tissue.

Only active recovery can accomplish all of these goals as muscle activation is the fundamental facilitator of the four processes noted above.  You can sit in our comfortable chairs and lounge area while using our Marc Pro to help you actively recover from your injuries or muscle breakdown. Find out more about electrotherapy here. 

Norma Tec compression recovery treatments in Houston, TX | Cryo Recovery

Compression Recovery


The NormaTec PULSE Recovery Systems are dynamic compression devices designed for recovery and rehab. All of our systems use NormaTec's patented PULSE technology to help athletes recover faster between trainings and after performance.

Our systems include a control unit and attachments that go on the legs, arms, or hips. They use compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery with our patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern. Learn more about compression recovery here.

Alkaline Water

Cryo Recovery’s Alkaline water is filtered and distributed at the location. Here we filter out the harmful chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride while keep the water’s natural healthy minerals in the water such as sulfate, magnesium, lithium and so on.  

You simply bring your own water bottles and we fill them while you do your recovery. Using your own bottles will eliminate BPA found from plastic bottles and ensure you have safe healthy water.  Read more about the health benefits of alkaline water here.

If you would like to bring water jugs from home we can fill them while you are doing cryotherapy for a $15/month membership. This is roughly the cost of 3-4 Alkaline water bottles.  

alkaline water for sale in Houston, TX | Cryo Recovery



NueFit (neuro therapy) is changing the way we rehab and train our muscles.  Injuries and compensation patterns change the way our brain is connected to the muscles and without retraining of the brain to the muscle we are left with pain, inflammation and muscles firing at incorrect times.  The NeuFit is a device that is able to identify incorrect muscle patterns and then retrain the brains connection using DC current that elongates the muscles.  A NeuFit therapy session can retrain the brain muscle connection in 1 session where it may take 10 sessions of physical therapy.