Science of Whole Body Cryotherapy for long distance Running

The the Cooper Institute has done analysis of the benefits of several studies on Whole Body Cryotherapy for running.  Some of the comments they concluded are below.  

  • "WBC significantly decreased inflammatory cytokines and increased levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines compared to passive recovery."
  • "When deciding whether to try an ice bath or cryotherapy, there are some considerations. Ice baths are more uncomfortable than WBC; you will probably have to sit in the ice bath longer to achieve the same effect since the water temperature is warmer than WBC treatments. In contrast, cryotherapy uses very dry, cold air for a much shorter time so subjects don’t report much discomfort at all."
  • "Researchers found that ratings of muscle pain and tiredness were reduced after the first WBC session."

Read for yourself below.  

Cooper Institute Article

Bill Hanks