Disrupting Today's Healthcare System

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Healthcare today is reactive, bureaucratic, and expensive. It's sick care, not healthcare. But this system is radically changing at an exponential rate, and those changes include many of the technologies that we offer here at Cryo Recovery. More recently, people are no longer waiting to get sick, but instead, are finding the things that can help them reduce their inflammatory levels, which therefore lead to an overall reduction in disease. 

One of the things that excites us the most at Cryo Recovery is that we get to participate first-hand in the disruption of our healthcare system. Currently, the US healthcare market is $3.5 trillion, which makes it the largest economy on Earth. We are confident that if remediated, this massive number could be significantly reduced, which is a huge reason why we are so excited about the future!

As many of you know, we pride ourselves on constantly absorbing the newest, most innovative technologies in existence; more specifically, technology surrounding aging, longevity, and health optimization. Here at Cryo Recovery, we are working to extend the human lifespan, and our goal is that through working together, we will be able to disrupt the broken sick care system, and in its place, create healthier and happier humanity.

In today's blog, we will describe four new technologies that we see on the horizon, along with the ways under which these new technologies will shift the projection of the healthcare industry, and better enhance the human experience. 

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1. Epigenetic testing and reporting.

Your DNA is the hardware that makes up your body. Epigenetics is the software that controls what genes get turned on and off. Think of it as a dimmer switch that the environment turns off and on. What controls your epigenetics is the lifestyle and environment that we expose ourselves to each and every day. A good of example of this is exercise. Did you know that exercising can turn on over 700 genes that are related to good health? In the future, each of us will be able to use our DNA results to personalize our environment, nutrition, sleep, supplementation, and exercise. Think of this as a precision lifestyle design based on your own genetics. Learn more.

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2. Peptides.

If you haven't heard of peptides, you will very soon. Peptides are changing the course of medicine, and in the future, will turn the pharmaceutical industry upside down. The costs and time required to develop new drugs are becoming increasingly challenging to keep up with. Additionally, most consumers and doctors are beginning to understand that drug interactions and the process of detoxing complex compounds can come at a high cost. This is why we are now seeing an explosion of doctors moving to peptides to help their patients. Peptides, contrary to chemical compounds, are short-chain amino acids (proteins) that can be designed to match the very proteins that the body already produces. A $600 million dollar market is set to grow to $8.2 billion by the year 2023. Learn more.

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3. Exosomes.

Exosomes were once thought of as waste bubbles from cells, but after scientists began noticing how they increased the activity of stem cells, a new function for these bubbles has been determined. These messenger bubbles have been found to contain growth factors and blueprints of action for nearby cells. When exosomes are applied, they can turn old-acting stem cells into vibrant, young cells again. Currently, these tiny bubbles are taking the regenerative medicine field by storm, and will continue to do in the years to come. Learn more.

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4. Nutraceuticals and NAD+

Certain critical nutrients and proteins tend to decline as a function of age. Nutraceuticals combat aging by supplementing and replenishing these declining nutrient levels. NAD+ exists in every single cell, participating in every process from DNA repair to creating the energy vital for cellular processes. It has been shown that NAD+ levels decline as we age. The Tru Niagen supplement has been proven to elevate NAD+ levels in the body, which in theory, could extend one’s lifespan. Learn more.

In conclusion, these four new technologies are just a taste of the tremendous momentum that the fields of longevity and anti-aging currently possess. As artificial intelligence and quantum computing transform how we decode our DNA and discover new drugs, genetics and medicine will become truly personalized.

At Cryo Recovery, we are here to help our community take a step forward and not only help you feel your best, but help keep you up to speed with the new technologies and services that can change your life. After all, we only get to live once!

With Abundance and Gratitude,

Bill Hanks
Owner + Founder of Cryo Recovery

Bill Hanks