Defy the Aging Process!


Is Aging Optional?

The topic of aging is getting incredible press right now. Everywhere we turn, we see a new article, book, or event discussing this longstanding issue, with information regarding what we can do about it. Recently, MIT Technology Review dedicated an entire edition to the topic of aging, and discussed in great detail the status of the latest research. 


So Why is Aging Being Discussed So Much?

Last week, we were able to attend the 4th Annual Symposium on Aging Research at the Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine at UTHealth in Houston, Texas. The conference was full of excitement, mainly due to recent research findings that are changing the way that we look at the aging process. Researchers now have a unified theory regarding aging, and strongly believe that we will be able to control, slow, and even reverse the effects of aging.

The key universal belief that remains a central topic of discussion is the role that inflammation plays in the aging process. Every category that contributes to aging bodies is connected to the increasing presence of inflammation. This link between inflammation and aging is detailed in the graphic below. As you can see, all of the pillars of aging are linked together through inflammation. Therefore, controlling inflammation could be one of the key drivers to slowing and reversing aging.

Stress and Environment: As we age, the environment and normal cellular processes cause damage to our genes.

  1. Telomere Attrition: Each strand of DNA in the body (known as chromosomes) is capped by telomeres. These short snippets of DNA repeated thousands of times are designed to protect the bulk of the chromosome.

  2. Epigenetic Alterations: Over time, environmental factors will change how genes are expressed, i.e., how certain sequences of DNA are read and the instruction set implemented.

  3. Proteostasis: Over time, different proteins in our bodies will no longer fold and function like they are supposed to, resulting in diseases ranging from cancer to neurological disorders.

  4. Metabolism: Nutrient levels in the body can influence various metabolic pathways.

  5. Mitochondrial Dysfunction: Mitochondria (our cellular power plants) begin to decline in performance as we age.

  6. Cellular Senescence: As cells age, they stop dividing and cannot be removed from the body. They build up and typically cause increased inflammation.

  7. Stem Cell Regeneration: As we age, our supply of stem cells begins to diminish as much as 100 to 10,000-fold in different tissues and organs.

Take Home Points

It is essential to understand that we all have some level of inflammation always circulating, and keeping this low is critical to positive health outcomes. As you may know, at Cryo Recovery, targeting inflammation is our number one goal to help you feel, think, and perform optimally. Time after time, our clients tell us that their blood work shows a decrease in inflammation after starting their recovery regimen with us. This is due to the fact that all of our cutting-edge modalities from Cryotherapy, Photobiomodulation, Oxygen Training, Lymphatic Drainage to NeuFit, all these work together to reduce inflammation.

These modalities are completely natural; meaning, you can reduce the inflammatory burden on your body without harmful side effects. This, in turn, may slow down the aging process. The future of aging prevention is bright, as we look froward to seeing an abundance of technologies that will help individuals extend not only their lifespan, but their healthspan.