We're All In! Houston's Only TRUE whole body cryotherapy

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Cryo Recovery is excited to announce the installment of the first true “Whole Body” electric, walk-in, Cryotherapy in Houston and only the 3rd in Texas. On May 23rd, 2018 Cryo Recovery will be closed for 4-5 days to install an electric nitrogen free Whole-Body Cryotherapy chamber. This new chamber will provide a safer, more effective and consistent method of administering cryotherapy. We are very excited to offer this to our members and you will see even better results from this treatment.

About the Whole Body Cryotherapy

As we continue to grow and expand we remain committed to providing state of the art equipment, so you can reach your greatest human potential. As we know systemic inflammation is the source of all progressive diseases, chronic pain and aging. Cryotherapy has been proven to be one of the best ways to reduce inflammation naturally. However, the partial cryotherapy that uses nitrogen leaves the head and upper body unaffected by the cold. In studies on cryotherapy this is critical for treatment effectiveness. It is also worth noting that hospitals in Europe only allow this type of cryotherapy. The full body cryotherapy is the most studied cryotherapy with over 215 studies completed. We know you are going to love the benefits of this therapy! Information video here

The Benefits for You!

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1. Greater Autonomic Response - The Walk-In Cryotherapy will be more beneficial in many ways. First your head will now be safe to get cold. 70% of the body’s cold receptors are on the head and neck so exposing this portion of the body to the cold will increase the activation of the autonomic nervous system. Watch Video here

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2. More uniform skin temp.   The “cold” and “warm” spots will be eliminated because the skin will remain at more of a uniform temperature. In fact, studies show this is a more uniform skin treatment and yields better results. Read studies here.

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3. Treatments will be consistent.  Nitrogen has variability in the flow rate depending on the pressure of the tank and the fill level.  This is no longer the case because we are no longer using nitrogen air but normal oxygenated air. 

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4. Higher cellular activation and more mitochondrial biogenesis.  The studies show that the benefits of true Walk-In cryotherapy produce 300% more cellular function.  This means you will get more energy from your session and it will last longer.   

We are “ALL IN” Event


As excited we are about the new cryotherapy, we are even more excited about our “All IN” Event on June 2nd, 2018 from 12-5pm. Please plan to join us! 

This will be a celebration for you to come try out the new cryotherapy spend time with your friends and check out the awesome ways you can optimize your human!

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