Strategies to Level-Up Your 2018


As we look to 2018 we are optimistic about the future health of our clients.  Each day we see cryotherapy, photobiomodulation and oxygen Level Up our clients.  As Tony Robbins says “life is too short to suffer”.  So let's make 2018 your best year yet! 

Looking at the upcoming trends this is what we see as the top ways to improve your health in 2018.  There are 3 basic functions you can do to live optimally and improve your health long term.    

1.     Balancing your nervous system. 

When you suffer from stress as most people do it makes it hard to be productive and make good decisions.  Our stress can inhibit the body’s ability to rest and be resilient to take on more stress. 

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Here are a few things that stress can do:

·      Stress prevents your body from using fat as fuel and shortens life span.

·      Weakens your immune system

·      Decreases decision making and removing bad habits. 

Here are the ways we suggest manage stress.

·      Create a meditation/mindful practice that involves breath focus.  Doing so will allow you to observe thoughts and decide which thoughts are benefiting you and what thoughts are not.  We love the app Headspace and been using over a year to help manage stress.

·      Give yourselves adequate good stress.  This includes exercise, heat and yes our favorite Cryotherapy.  Providing the adequate amounts of stress will allow your body the chance to reset to its nervous system.  Without good stress our body loses track of real stress and with modern daily life stress it doesn’t know when to turn off the “fight or flight” part of our nervous system. 

·      Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tracking.  Knowing when your nervous system is stressed and when to scale back will be the future of tracking your training and exercise.  When HRV is high this is an indication you are rested and ready to take on stress.  When it is low this means that you should be resting and taking it easy so you don’t stress your immune system.  Our favorite way to do this is with the Oura Ring.  The ring gives you an HRV reading each day and also takes your body temperature into account so you can tell if your immune system is stressed. This gives you a green light to push hard or you should be taking it easy.  

2.     Removing Toxins. 

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Dump Toxins

Increase Oxygen

Toxins can come in so many forms. They can be in the food we eat, the air that we breath, electronics we are exposed to and yes the people and situations we are around.  These examples include: our air quality, our sleeping conditions, the lighting in our homes, our attention to the aesthetics of our home’s interior design. Technologies in this category include high quality natural bedding, water and air filters, full spectrum lighting, and both EMF and RF mitigation to name a few.

Here are the top ways we suggest managing Toxins.

·      Create the interior design space to limit exposure to environmental toxins.  In this we would expect to make sure that you are managing the air that you breathe.  With Houston being an environment for mold growth along with the recent floods, this make it even more important to manage.  Have your house tested for mold exposure and consider adding a air filter that kills bacteria and mold.  Our favorite that we have been using is the Molekule air filter. 

·      Use oxygen multistep therapy aka LiveO2 to detox.  Our hemoglobin delivers oxygen to our body by attaching an oxygen molecule.  However, as we are exposed to environmental toxins these also attach to the hemoglobin and we are unable to remove them.  When we are exposed to a massive amount of oxygen the hemoglobin prefers the oxygen so it begins to dump the toxins through the liver and kidneys.  A 15 minute session can have a lifetime of results by dumping toxins that have been circulating for years.

·      Manage light exposure.  Yes light can be a toxin too.  So many people say "I can't fall asleep my brain does not turn off" and you’ll ask them what they were doing before bed and they say they were on their phone or computer right before bed.  Unfortunately, light from phones and computers even if there are in the night mode expose light to our retina.  Light and particularly blue light to the retina is kryptonite for sleep and make it virtually impossible for the brain to shut down for sleep.  Our favorite way to manage this is to have a  routine that shuts off all electronics an hour before bed and then either wearing blue light blocking glasses  or replacing the bulbs in your bed room to red lights. 

3.     Promote angiogenesis (better blood supply) and ATP biogenesis (for better energy). 

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This is probably our favorite hack or improvement because when your cells work better everything works better.

Here are our favorite ways improve cellular function and ATP biogenesis:

·      Movement from an evolutionary point of view is the most basic of brain function command. Our favorite types of movement  include the high-intensity interval training (HITT) which may be the best way to keep the pounds off for good, says a new study in the American Journal of Physiology.  If you are doing this through CrossFit, cycling classes or running sessions, they all work and this might be one of the best ways to increase better blood supply and increase ATP production by 30% says a study published

·      Photobiomodulation to create Nitric Oxide.  This form of therapy has over 2000 studies where Near Infrared (not to be confused with far infrared) light has been shown to increase the Nitric Oxide and allow the cell’s electron transport train to operate more effectively.  What does this mean for you? Better healing and better energy.  Adding this routine into your health will lead to better mitochondrial function and slow the aging process and allow you to heal faster. 

·      Supplementation and proper nutrition. Unfortunately the food we eat is not the food our ancestors  ate  and getting the proper micronutrient can be hard to do.  Our cells needs so many minerals and nutrients to operate effectively and getting this to them must be a top priority.  In doing so we need to test our micronutrients individually and then supplement to make sure your body is getting the proper amount.  You can take a micronutrient test through your health provider.  If you are unable to take the test we recommend glutathione, vitamin C, CoQ10.

What are your goals for 2018?  We'd love to hear.  Comment Below.