6 Benefits of The Cryo Recovery Facial


Our facial skin is always being exposed to adverse conditions, including the harsh external environment, dirt, touch, aging, sunlight and even unsuitable products. These factors contribute to the accelerated degradation of the skin. In simple terms, the skin will lose its natural health and radiance over time. Therefore, it is important for you to provide intensive care and perform periodic beauty treatments to restore the appeal of your facial skin. One of the ideal facial cosmetic procedures to consider as part of your routine care is the Cryo Recovery Facial treatment. As implied, this is a treatment that applies the principles of cryotherapy or freeze therapy.  The skin is cooled rapidly through exposure to a special beam of liquid nitrogen in a vaporized form. The process is non-invasive and painless, and the effects are exceptional. Here are the main benefits of using Cryo Recovery Facial treatment.

1.  Restores Firmness

As the days and weeks go by and we grow older, the facial skin ages and loses its natural elasticity causing our loss of firmness in our face. Often, this loss of stability causes the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Not what we what, but there are multiple treatments which have been created to help in dealing with the problem. However, Cryo Recovery Facial stands out because it does not require injections or other invasive procedures. When the facial skin exposes to the low-temperature nitrogen vapor, the body will respond by producing collagen, improving skin firmness and suppleness.


2.  Reduces Skin Pigmentation

Unwanted pigmentation can be stressful because it requires the use of multiple products to conceal and change the tone of the affected skin. The Cryo Facial treatment can reduce related problems including sunburns, age spots, and general brown spots. This treatment is also an excellent cosmetic procedure if you have acne scars. The remaining spots seem to disappear after a few treatments.


3.  Smooths Inflammation

Cold is an ideal solution for dealing with inflammation of any part of the body. This principle is no different when dealing with facial swelling and blotchiness. Therefore, you should consider Cryo Recovery Facial if you have been experiencing this problem. The low temperature from the nitrogen will help to bring down the swelling without adverse effects.


4.  Rejuvenates Fatigued Skin

The skin can look tired and fatigued due to sun exposure, inadequate care, lack of sleep and even just normal environmental conditions. Fortunately, Cryo Recovery Facial has some great rejuvenation properties. Exposure to cold causes the blood vessels to become constricted. After the treatment, the vessels will become dilated again, allowing the toxins beneath your skin to be flushed out. This treatment promotes healing, and your face is rejuvenated.


5.  Improves Skin Texture

The texture of the facial skin can have a significant impact on your general appearance. One of the main problems experienced in relation to this is large pores. Large pores cause roughness and make the skin appear coarse. Cryotherapy is the perfect solution to help you mitigate the problems of large pores and subsequent poor texture. When pores expose themselves to cold, they will be forced to contract. Over time, the continuing Cryo Recovery Facial procedures will cause prolonged tightening of your pores.


6.  Treats Skin Conditions

There are some skin conditions which are chronic and affect facial cosmetic value. These include psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. The presence of these medical issues are characterized by inflammation of the skin. As aforementioned, Cryo Recovery Facial is a cooling therapy which means it can alleviate swelling. Moreover, the low temperature means that the skin will not be irritated during and after the treatment.


If you are looking for a new healthy cosmetic treatment for your face, there are some factors that you should consider, including safety, efficacy, and cost. Cryo Recovery Facial is completely non-invasive, so the procedure is safe and painless, even for people with sensitive skin. The outlined benefits ensure that your skin will remain radiant. Also, the sessions are affordable, ensuring that you can have the treatment as desired.  Book your appointment to get started today.

Bill Hanks