The Many Benefits of Whole Body LED therapy Using Photobiomodulation & Low Level Light Therapy


The Many Benefits of Low Level Light Therapy & PhotoBioModulation  

The current theory of aging is based on the belief that the energy centers (mitochondria) in our cells lose their function over time through oxidative and toxic stress overload.  This is called Mitochondrial Dysfunction.




The mitochondria are the cell's energy centers and they produce ATP through an assembly line process called the respiratory chain.  If something blocks the assembly line - for example a dissociated oxygen molecule (free radical), then it stops production of energy.   


Without energy to power the cells, the cells become dysfunctional which cascades into the tissues, organs and systems.   


Think of mitochondria like a motor in a car.  Dysfunctional mitochondria are kind of like a 4 cylinder motor with 250,000 miles on it.  The expectation is it will not function properly.


Think of the respiratory chain in the mitochondria like the fuel pump, fuel line and spark plugs and think of ATP like gasoline.  If any of those get blocked, the engine sputters to a stop.  That is why we get tune ups.    


So - what if we replaced a worn out four cylinder with a new V8, cleaned up the fuel injectors, fuel pump, and fuel lines, and we were able to fill the tank up with super premium gas.  That car (cell) is will come back to life.  


Research suggests that PhotoBioModulation creates both more and giant mitochondria (biogenesis).  It cleans up the respiratory chain of free radicals and dissociates Nitric Oxide that might block the process of creating ATP.  


Just cleaning up the free radicals is HUGE!  Oxidated stress is the trigger for nearly every disease.


The cells get healthier which cascades down into the tissues organs and systems, which affects the entire body.  You just get better.  Heal the cells, and you heal your life.  Supercharge the cells and you supercharge your life.  


The real question is - If we can create both more, and giant mitochondria - and we can clean up the respiratory chain so that more ATP is produced and utilized, then what could be the upside?  


We are already seeing athletes hit peak performance levels in days that they otherwise would train for months to achieve.  


Could an athlete reach and push through plateaus faster?   Could we see 'super athletes'?


Could the biogenesis of more and larger mitochondria slow, stop or halt the aging process? Research already suggest that it does.  So what if we affect the entire body?  


What if we can reduce the toxic load of waste and free radicals, which reduces the energy the body lends to fight it in the form of inflammation - and - at the same time increase nutrient transfer and cellular energy?  


We invest decades into damaging our cells.  What could happen if we use this system for a year, two years, ten years?  


No one knows.  What we are finding is that the short term benefits of Whole Body treatments are  good.  The feedback from our customers, support the research.  In fact we are seeing conditions that took decades to develop vanish in a period of months.


It makes sense.  Heal the cells, and you heal the tissues organs and systems of the body. You just get better.  


This is precisely why we recommend that this become a long term health aid.  Use this to systematically restore the function of the cells as a long term healthy aging tool.

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Bill Hanks