Recovery of Shoulder and Hamstring for Active Lifestyle


Sylvie has been at Cryo Recovery for the past 2.5 months.  In this time she has seen many benefits of proven recovery that has helped her continue with her active lifestyle which includes golf, CrossFit, yoga, and many other sports.  Read her testimony below on how adding recovery into her routines has helped her heal and stay in top shape.  

What problem were you trying to solve by coming into Cryo Recovery? 

Sylvie: Chronic inflammation due to lack of proper recovery time between workouts, localized pain from calcium/scar tissue build up on old injuries (hamstring tendon, rotator cuff) and general arthritic spots here or there...

Had you tried anything else to solve your problem?

Sylvie: Chiropractor, ice, myofascial release both professionally and using tools such as roller, lacross ball

What Recovery services to you do and how often do you do it?

Sylvie: Cryo and Norma Tech at least 5 times/week

When did you begin to see a result of your treatment at Cryo Recovery? 

 Sylvie:  After about 2 weeks of continuous (daily) treatment

What was the best result you discovered your treatment at Cryo Recovery and what was some unexpected result from ? 

Sylvie: A couple of months into the sessions and I am finally able to use my left shoulder again, not yet back to it's full functionality but definitely well enough to be able to lift heavier weights and regained mobility that had been lacking since last summer

Also, throbbing pain at top of hamstring/butt is no longer waking me up so it definitely has either helped release calcium build up or is creating some kind of release and nerve endings aren't so fired up?...

What would you say to anyone thinking about trying out trying Cryo Recovery?

 Sylvie - you cannot know in advance what it will/won't do to your body until you have at the very least 7 -10 days daily sessions in a row...some days will feel extremely cold, some days will feel like you could have taken it to the next level. my body reacts differently every time. The combination of cryo and norma tech is definitely the recipe...

Anything else to add?  

Sylvie: The team at Cryo Recovery are definitely great peops... :)


Bill Hanks