Photobiomodulation for Performance

Medical doctors have shown how LED light therapy or photobiomodulation support ATP cellular production and can be used for performance.  Our local athlete and Crossfit Artillery owner Joey Ramos put this to the test.  Read below about his experience with Whole Body LED light therapy at Cryo Recovery.

Recently I competed in the 2016 Texas Shootout. It is a large CrossFit competition held in Spring each year. 2 weeks prior to the competition, I decided to try Cryo Recovery's Infrared Lighting Treatment. I came in for treatment every 3 days for those 2 weeks (5 sessions). Each time I received treatment, I would notice an increase in my performance during my next training session. The most impactful difference I noticed was after my 5th treatment. That was the morning of my competition. The entire day I felt fresh and ready to go. Normally at these competitions, my legs would begin to feel fatigued and stiff after 1-2 events. But on this particular day, I felt great after all 4 events. Even the next morning (when I would be sore that it would feel like I had been hit by a truck), I felt fine and was able to go about my day business as usual. I did not change my training leading up to the competition, the only thing I added to my normal schedule were the Infrared treatments. So I know for sure, it was the treatment at Cryo Recovery that helped me reach the podium at this event. Thanks for the help and great treatment!  

If you are looking to recover faster and perform better you need to come see us as we are offering the first Photobiomodulation bed in Houston, TX